We can see all types of the connectors: micro USB, Type C, Lightning, etc., this is always a headache messing around on your desktop.
We could not live without mobile phone everyday today, you may even feel anxiety and unsafe if you found the phone got of your sight.Research based on ergonomics has found that people’s psychological safety distance from mobile phones is the visual distance of the eye’s residual light, and it is within reach.
As designers, we keep trying to find better solutions that make things simpler, tidier and smarter. Therefore,we designed the Mousepad+,combine the wireless charger on the mousepad.When you are working, just connect Mousepad+,drop your mobile on it, that is so simple, no massing cables on the desktop.
When you get a text or phone call, it is always there, at your fingertip, much safer and more convenient. The Mousepad+ choose the pure wool fiber material, it gives nice touch and hand feeling, with leather collocation, shows the high-end taste.
It is compatible with iPhone8 iPhone X and Sumsung latest mobile phone models, and universal compatibility with Qi standard wireless charging protocol.

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