Mobiliz first in the world and only portable Solar powered mobile computing product designed, developed and manufactured in India at an affordable cost but high on performance, usage and applications. It caters to varied needs of the specific user with flexibility for several configurations at the manufacturing level. Some of the intended use are Financial Inclusion, Dairy Automation On-Field Data collection, Insurance and many more.
Consumes only 3.5 watts of power (standard laptops consumes @ 100 + watts). Long lasting In-built Battery (more than 5 hours of backup). Dissipates less heat contributing to GREEN environment that can replace conventional PCs for day-to-day work and efficiently handle on the field. Light-weight, ergonomic design & Easy to carry (less than 900 Grams). Ease of usage, QWERTY Keyboard, Touch Pad, adjustable TFT 7” Touch Screen display, which can be laid flat or angled for better viewing while holding or on the lap. In-built Camera(front or rear) with Stereo Speakers & Mic. Dual Security Access Module Reader, Dual Smart Card Reader/Writer, Biometric Sensor for secured transactions. In-built Wi-Fi, Ethernet, GPRS for real time data transfer.

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