Microsoft HoloLens is the first fully untethered, holographic computer, enabling you to view, place, and interact with holograms in your physical environment. Rather than trying to block you from the reality, it embeds your most valuable applications into the world around you. HoloLens has more computing power than the average laptop, but with no wires – remarkable, given it’s packed with multiple sensors; speakers; a custom Holographic Processing Unit; integrated cooling; batteries, and a high-definition, stereoscopic, 3D optical head-mounted display. Its spherical visor uses infrared light to dimensionally track hand gestures and the room around you. It understands where you’re looking. It recognizes your voice commands, your body movements, and gestures, and is able to spatially map your surroundings. HoloLens can be operated using purely natural user interfaces – gaze, voice, and hand gestures. The curved visor, which adjusts to a range of head sizes, was designed with high quality hologram viewing, peripheral vision, and comfort in mind. The HoloLens headband was made to feel like a performance car – perfectly balanced using premium materials to provide comfort during use.

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