The double-sided information totem comes in a puristic, straight design. The elegance of the totem is emphasized by a sober 104 mm deep case of black anodized aluminum in combination with high quality front glass. Two full HD displays with a screen size of 55“ each can be operated separately or parallelly. The displays are protected by a rugged anti-glare safety glass. Optionally the totem can be equipped with a PCT-Touch (behind glass) on one or both sides. We exclusively use premium-quality material, energy saving LED technology and energy-saving industrial computers. The case is rugged and well suited for public use – easy to clean because of its almost seamless front. The totem is available with a stable foot or with a base plate which can be screwed into the floor. This double-sided totem is part of a large digital signage family with displays ranging from 10“ to 65“, single- and double-sided totems. It can be used as an electronic poster, guidance system in hotels or conference centres, double-sided information system in shopping malls, etc.

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