Foldable Stand is an ultra-light (15g) and ultra-thin (0.8mm), easy-to-carry laptop stand based on “Origami engineering”. Its minimalistic design creates simplicity in complex digital environment while maximum stability is created through Truss Structures. Its durability is maintained by how the paper material is made – its fibers have been pounded and stretched rather than chopped. Functional and ergonomic, Foldable Stand improves air ventilation of the laptop while it helps the user to maintain a proper posture and reduce the physical stress on the neck and back when typing. Its intuitive design requires no manual – the user just needs to follow the folding lines to set it up. Foldable Stand is made of 100 % paper material and 100% recyclable. One can choose its material from “Kurotani Washi” with a history of 800 years – Kyoto’s Cultural Heritage developed through Japanese craftsmanship, to preserve a handmade traditional paper manufacturing technique, “Jute” to donate a part of the profit to an elementary school in Bangladesh and “100% Recycled Paper” to help save the Earth.

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