1. What is Apollo Cloud?

Apollo Cloud is a powerful personal cloud running on a handy App. Backup and Sharing your photos, videos, and documents can never be so easy and with peace of mind! Sharing is connecting, Apollo Cloud is for you, your family and friends!

2. Why Apollo Cloud?

Our life (such as communication, socializing and shopping) migrates to online data and desire seamless connection to data anytime, anywhere on any devices. The consequences of losing valuable data become increasingly grave as data volume and scope grow. Meanwhile, sharing data and connecting people become daily life. The need of personal cloud is indeed trend.

3. How do we design Apollo Cloud?

Apollo Cloud’s target audience is general consumer with need of data backup and sharing. There are several cloud or network storage solutions in the market already. But installation, using and sharing are difficult to general consumers; yet the design is also with less sense of taste. Thus, we create an easy-of-use, modern look and feel, contemporary design. the design language must be clean, simple and stylish. Apollo Cloud can be attractive alone, it can also fit in any corner at home.

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