TREK-530 is a RISC-based in-vehicle computing box designed to increase driving safety and reduce fuel consumption, OPEX, and insurance costs, while facilitating the implementation of the Internet of Vehicles (IoV). The system’s ultra-compact and lightweight design make it ideal for installation in a wide range of vehicles with limited space, such as light-duty trucks, taxis, and cold chain transportation fleets. TREK-530 features two extension slots for integrating optional expansion modules, such as LTE/NB-IoT/5G, LoRa, and Sigfox modules. The IP (water & dust) protection is also implemented by modularized design with reasonable cost structure. All the connectors design is plug and lock for easy installation in the field. The system also features voice recognition technology for intelligent and safe operation in order to enhance driving safety. Embedded CAN bus supports intelligent protocols for vehicle diagnostics monitoring and driver behavior management. Vehicle grade design for car power/Ignition-control, shock/vibration, wide working temperature with global vehicle certification.

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