Here’s an exciting product, new 15’ high performance laptop in Y series of Lenovo, which is innovatively cool and easy to use for young consumers. The design language of “dynamic journal” is inspired by sport cars. Whole housing covered by high glass accross hairline in black, has gone through tons of tests and is formed by over 15 kinds of techniques. That the DPI3840x2160 of UHD Television firstly used in PC in Y50 provides realistic color and strong UE. Compared with many traditional portable PCs, Y50 firstly compress Nvidia graphics card-GT860, new Intel processor, 2 fans over 70mm, high capacity polymer battery lasting over 6 hours, and high performance flash driver into housing only in 23mm high. USB 3.0 turns red as part of design. Advanced heat dissipation system makes it portable and efficient to all requests. Y50 is designed through a long and thoughtful process, reflecting innovative efforts of traditional PC design and the details of process innovation.

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