The Asus Vivobook is entry laptop series, but offers an extremely light and premium design. The narrow-bezel display under 7mm is even more immersive, and 14inch dimension comes with 15inch penal. The thickness of 19mm and the weight of 1500gram reach ultra-book criterion with full performance. Simplicity and neutral-rounded style matches with all scenarios. Instead of spraying or metalized, the metal-looking plastic composed of brushed-aluminum texture with IMR to reduce produc-tion pollution; the incredible finish on the surface creates high end configuration of solid metal with lowest cost allows most people affordable. Even such an affordable price, it provides multiple expressive colors, royal blue, sparkle grey, icicle gold, arctic snow, glamour red and dynamic green, fit with users’ personalized character.
Vivobook dominates mainstream product and fulfilled with all users’ needs, low price, personalized look, audio joyfulness, ultraportable volume and sustainable pro-duction which delivers convenient productivity and happiness. Ultimately, Vivobook puts idea life into actual, consumers can spend less and enjoy more.

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