ThinkPad X1 Carbon is a slim and sleek professional business PC built with the strength and durability of carbon fiber combined with new Adaptive keyboard innovation that makes interacting with your computer a more simple and efficient experience. Carbon Fiber on the top cover and light magnesium alloys to form the main body make the X1 Carbon incredibly lightweight, but retaining the legendary ThinkPad durability. The new Adaptive keyboard defines a new approach to interacting with your computer. A dynamic touch input area displays a subset of controls (Adaptive keys) depending on the application being used. These controls appear in four groups, (Home, Browser, Conferencing, and Function) and are automatically launched by certain applications. This technology allows more controls to support new features, while simplifying the user interface by presenting controls dynamically as the user needs them and providing a clean, uncluttered design. The new X1 Carbon marks a shift into the PC+ era for the newest generation of workers who expect intuitive interaction with their devices.

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