This laptop is for business usage, specifically designed for elites of the business world. It is equipped with a reliable shield against electromagnetic radiation. The design was particularly conceptualised for shielding against electromagnetic radiation and filtering waves. The housing is made of one kind of magnesium alloy which screens the harmful radiation and guarantees the lightness and stability of the product at the same time. The optimised, multi-layered shielding PCB and wave filter further reduce the electromagnetic radiation of the mainboard. The protective glass aids containing the emission of the LCD while also protecting it from scratches. The bottom side of the keyboard contains a metal film which both increases typing comfort and reduces radiation from the keyboard. With all these measures, mentioned above, this laptop diminishes the risks of radiation for its users to practically nothing; solving health problems for people who regularly work with computers over a long period of time. This laptop fulfils all needs of the elite class: the elegant business design, the scratch-proof and anti-fingerprint benefited from fine surface textural varnish.

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