GM501 is the world’s new revolution in gaming devices. It goes beyond the limits of slim body and ultimate performance.
Is the world’s thinnest gaming notebook equipped with GTX 1070P graphics card and Intel’s latest Coffee Lake processor. The screen update rate is 144Hz and the response time is only 3ms. Its dimensions are only 1.99mm, making it ideal for portability and enjoyment. When opened, the innovatively designed hinge system connects the ROG-specific cooling modules to increase air circulation space and dust-free space to meet all of the performance requirements of the GTX 1070P. The GM501 stands ready to help you destroy enemies and get a groundbreaking gaming experience! In order to show its neat and powerful appearance, we use the two-way hair lines to stagger the precise line of demarcation, mysterious black diamond cut design, like energy is about to burst out from the border, increase the overall thin texture and delicate details. Calm and dexterous powerful laptop, it allows you to smooth the shuttle between the virtual and the reality!

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