Norton Core is a home WiFi system that provides safe and secure internet at lightning fast speeds across the entire home. Norton is enabled with mesh networking which means that unlike your typical WiFi router (usually found only in the living room) the Core system uses multiple WiFi router points that you simply plug in throughout the home. The Cores all connect with one another ensuring safe, fast wall-to-wall coverage.
With so many new smart-home devices such as Nest thermostats, internet controlled security cameras, and app-enabled door locks all running over our home WiFi systems, our homes are increasingly at risk of hackers and identity thieves using these unsecured portals as easy access points into our lives. Core is built by Symantec, the world’s #1 provider of software security, to leverage their “deep-packet” security inspection.
The Norton Core system is really solving a huge and scary security problem, and it’s also giving you the added benefit of fast and reliable internet throughout the entire home.

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