Laptops mark the individual lifestyles of their users as they are companions in everyday life. The design inspiration of the IdeaPad U430s is derived from the language of a dynamic journal, a characteristic that the laptop manages to translate into a product with a fascinatingly iconic appearance. The design language of this laptop is marked by carefully harmonised materials and a U-shaped cover surrounded by a distinctively coloured body. Complemented by an innovatively concave shape, this provides an overall outstanding user experience. The laptop is easy to open using just one finger, and the 45-degree angle on the back-end allows it to be held comfortably and securely. The IdeaPad U430s stands up to the rigours of everyday life with its full-metal high-strength body, which is made of aluminium alloy and thus makes the laptop weigh only 1.5 kg. In addition, the laptop features a thickness of only 14.8 mm and thus impresses with an overly slim appearance. This 14″ laptop is equipped with a multi-touch screen in FHD resolution. Its large glass multi-touch touchpad and backlit keyboard are intuitive and convenient to use. The IdeaPad U430s also offers users a pleasing tactile experience due to a special surface finish that makes it feel soft and natural to the touch. In a highly inspired manner, the design of the IdeaPad U430s places the user centre-stage – it has emerged as a laptop with fascinatingly new qualities.

Inspiration of the new

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