GS40 with Gaming Docking combine performance and Mobility, which was designed according to gamer’s experience. To satisfy hi-end user, standard desktop graphic card was attached in the gaming docking through easily connecting operation for achieving incredible performance. User can take it as a fighter airplane or battleship, changing the mode at anytime. The desktop VGA card was rotated to 8.5 degree to increase fin exhale space and also make the laptop operation easier. User can upgrade VGA card through unscrewing just 4 screws, and this high expandability extended product life. The design fully referred to thermal performance. For example, the air flow can be easier to get inside the machine for maintain low temperature and noises owing to the chamfer design by the front. The power key was replaced by the dragon eye, and the top case adopted metal to show the sense of muscle. Special black and red diamond cut to create nice taste. The lower case was injected with glass-fiber, which formed super slim body and also cut lots weights, which redefined gaming laptop.

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