The 4×4 AP is designed to provide a fast and stable wireless Internet environment as the number of wireless Internet access devices at home and office increases. It considers performance, minimization of user’s visual stress and harmony with installation place.

The 4×4 AP is a high performance AP with four antennas to provide a fast and stable wireless Internet environment. It has a distance of 8 or 9 cm between antennas to ensure the best performance by design.

To minimize the user’s visual stress, the constantly flickering LED indicator is located on the left side and the venthole for extracting the inside heat is located on the right side to make it look neat when the product is installed.

This product is large in size but fits well into any home and office. It is designed for people to use it without discomfort by applying a caustic pattern like leather pattern and a clean white color without additional decorative elements to avoid low reception rate.

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