ASUS Laptop X507 is an affordable laptop designed for daily use, and does not compromise on aesthetics and performance.
This thin and sleek laptop is available with a brushed finish in Star Grey and Cashmere Silver. Its eye-catching two-tone design gives it its own unique style, and makes the laptop appear even smaller. The manufacturing process uses IMR technology to produce a high quality finish, while at the same time being eco-friendly and minimizing pollution. The upward curvature of the surface where the surrounding area of the keyboard and hinge meet allows smooth movement, while the spread pattern of the speaker mesh further adds to its powerful audio delivery. The unique fabric-like texture on the palm rest provides a tactile feel.
ASUS Laptop X507 has an extensive range of I/O ports, a full-size keyboard for convenient typing, as well as a NanoEdge display with an anti-glare coating for immersive visuals.

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