The sophisticated hairline-brush metallic top cover and operating surface give an elegant look with uniquely tactile feedback. This 360-degree convertible laptop is fast to transfer into different modes for increasing productivity. Aspire R 15 is the amazing hybrid of beauty and flexibility. The aluminum top cover and operating surface create the image of staidness and timeless. In addition, the sharp and confident diamond-cut edge between the notebook lid and keyboard surface panel of the machine creates an attractive hook for provoking users to open it. The anodized finish of operating surface helps to decrease the metallic glossiness and highlights the diamond-cut edges of touchpad and the operating surface. Designed to demonstrate the thinness and lightness, the Aspire R 15 has a 15.6-in large stunning display, but in a small footprint. This gives more flexibility when space is limited. The bottom cover is composed by plastic with 40% glass fiber, and silver particles for presenting a dramatic improvement of rigidity, bringing some metallic feel, and creating an unique tactile feedback.

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