Acer Switch 5 is the most innovatively-crafted 2-in-1 that makes everything super-efficient on the go. The auto-retractable kickstand is a smart and unique design and you will not find the same one on the market. When it’s opened to a certain angle, the kickstand becomes ultra-flexible. Finding your perfect viewing angel has never been so easy with just one hand. Plus the 12 inch wide-view QHD display, you can have an amazing viewing experience you’ve never had before.

The power button is smartly designed with embedded fingerprint reader, when you press the power button to wake up or turn on the device, it will log-in seamlessly and quickly without entering passwords. This quick log-in process brings extremely fast unlock experience for users but won’t sacrifice on security and privacy.

Another Acer invention is Acer LiquidLoop™. It is a fan-less heat pipe cooling system that brings the usability of 2-in-1 PCs forward. LiquidLoop™ is a self-driven solution that doesn’t need to power a fan, making it much less power hungry and you’ll never need to worry about accidentally blocking the vents to cause overheating. Those innovations make Switch 5 stand out from the crow.

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