Spin 5 is a laptop that can be converted to any mode you want. A laptop mode for work, a tablet mode for play, a display mode for sharing, or a tent mode for space saving, choose any of it to fit your working scenarios. Spin 5 has a big breakthrough of the design innovation, especially on speakers and antenna. In traditional convertible laptops, the speakers are easily to be blocked while in display mode. Acer has broken this limitation, making the speakers always visible no matter in which mode, and sound always clear and rich. Spin 5 is also re-designed the antenna and place at the both side of the screen. In this way, the antenna’s signal is stable and strong even covered by a metal body, no matter in which mode. Unlike the competitors’ antenna, which is usually placed on the top of the screen, the signal may be blocked since the metal cover will influence the signal transmission. Spin 5 is also equipped with 4 microphones to enable you to talk to your PC voice assistant (Cortana) from 4 meters away. You can ask for travel information, weather, or so without touching your device. Spin 5’s display is pen-enable, and you can take note or jot down your thoughts with Acer stylus.

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