The powerful 2.4 and 5 GHz TP-Link WiFi-router Google OnHub with its minimalist and cylindrical design is as unconventional as it is effective. Its avant-garde and unique appearance makes it a stylish item that will decorate any home. The high-spec router provides optimum wireless coverage, fast Wi-Fi speeds and the possibility to connect more than 100 devices to each other. This striking design product – developed by Google together with TP-Link – won an award in the Red Dot Award: Product Design.

Chic WiFi-router for optimum connectivity

Not only is the wireless router from Google attractive, it also offers optimum Wi-Fi connectivity for up to 2,500 square metres of living space. It has 13 antennas arranged in a circle beneath its external cover for this purpose. Parallel 2.4 and 5 GHz wireless operation is made possible through advanced wireless standard 802.11ac. For wired devices, there is also a Gigabit LAN port and an activated USB 3.0 port. The strong Wi-Fi connection with a top speed of 1,900 Mbps means fast downloads, streaming and lag-free gaming – provided the other hardware supports this.

The designer router can be controlled via an app

Where would a product from Google be without a Google app? The Google On app allows even beginners to set up and control the designer router without any difficulty. The app, installed for example on a smartphone, is assigned to a Google account. Then all you have to do is link your smartphone to the OnHub. You can do this by holding the microphone on the smartphone to the top of the router. The OnHub emits a brief acoustic signal and links the two devices. You then select the wireless network and assign a password, and the router is ready for immediate use. No need to leaf through complicated manuals, and the system can also be managed remotely. The devices connected to the router are visible at a glance and can be prioritised individually. For example, if you want to manage larger data quantities on a certain end user device, you can increase the bandwidth of that specific device. User accounts and passwords can be managed and shared via the router app. Setting up separate guest networks for family and friends helps to manage the network jointly. Regular automatic connection tests via GoogleOn help to identify problems and repair them directly, thus ensuring that the network works perfectly all the time.

Google OnHub with replacement cover

The Google OnHub has a replacement cover that is fitted at a distance from the inner body in order to conduct away heat. This has the added bonus that the status display shines from the inside, creating harmonious lighting. The Google WiFi-router is a real piece of design for your home. Google had a simple yet ingenious idea: 24 designers were invited to design innovative and attractive replacement covers. The results are as extravagant as they are original. There are no limits to the creativity; anyone can design their own cover. Take a look at OnHubMakers. Google has made the 3D files for the original cover including the instructions available free of charge and is asking its customers to share their own creations with the world.

Product features

  • Fast wireless speeds of up to 1,900 Mbps for trouble-free downloads, streaming and gaming
  • Equipped with 13 high-performance antennas for reliable coverage for up to 2,500 square metres
  • More than 100 devices can be connected
  • Easy to set up, easy to use and control via the GoogleOn app
  • Automatic security updates
  • Separate guest network administration
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