Many people think IoT services are complicated and expensive. Simple IoT Hub was introduced to let anybody use IoT services easily at reasonable prices. 1. Differentiation: Existing IoT hub products were only available when users subscribe to certain services of certain telecommunication providers. However, regardless of subscription to certain telecommunication services, users of Simple IoT hub can be connected to IoT products in the market with different communications specifications, thanks to three built-in antennas for BT, Z-wave and WiFi, respectively. Its tower shape allows the three vertical antennas to receive signals as much as they can and minimizes the device size. 2. Design focus: The hub does not have a glamorous or hi-tech image. But its neat and fine design was implemented through the least manufacturing costs. It is a free rental-based product that can enhance user satisfaction. It gives a feeling of a casual device but does not contain a mechanical or dull image of existing hubs and routers. The simplicity and compactness of its design can match with any environment and can be used in any space.

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