NETGEAR ProSAFE Click Switches’ slim design, internal power supply, and mounting innovations make them the most attractive, user friendly, versatile network switches on the market. Available in either 8 or 16 Gigabit port configurations, they are the first switches with a bracket mounting system that allows for easy installation and repairs.

Design breakthroughs that optimize the versatility include the use of an internal power source, integrated USB charging, a multi-directional power cable, hidden vents and no fan for silent operation, nano suction feet for drill-less mounting, and cable management with custom retaining straps. Most significantly, the bracket mounting system means no more drilling of switches to walls. Installation is faster, and it’s easy to dismount switches for replacement or repair. All features combined make the switches easy to install on any surface and allow you control over exactly how ports and cables are deployed.

NETGEAR ProSafe Click Switches’ multi-install design means they are easily adhered at any orientation on the wall, under a table, or to a table leg. It’s the switch you want in your home, your office, or to keep on the conference table.

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