With MyLiFi from Oledcomm, users step into the next generation of lighting.
This lamp goes further than delivering visible light : without being noticeable by your eyes, light intensity modulation insures a simple and secure connection to the Internet.
With this design, we tried to materialize the immateriality of this “smart” light.
For that purpose, we imagined an object with a pure and elegant design so that technology vanishes in favor of comfort and use.

MyLiFi® is a desk lamp with a pure design, providing white dynamic lighting, a secure, fast (23 Mb/s) and radio waves free connection.
MyLiFi® has already won 2 CES awards innovation under the categories “tech for a better world” and “Smart Cities”.
• MyLiFi® has been designed for your home.
• Design by Pierre Garner from EliumStudio.
• High quality Aluminum
• MyLiFi ® is a high quality LED lighting, with dimming and modification of color temperature (from warm white to neutral to cold white).
• It will allow you to get a fast connection at 23 Mb/s, secure and without radiowaves even when the light is switched of

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