Product Strategy for Telecommunication provider The objective of this project was to create a product strategy for the home device market that would increase brand engagement and customer loyalty. Our approach was based on two key insights: Firstly that Telcos cannot only compete on price but have to develop value proposals that make a difference to their customers, secondly that most devices (internet routers, TV decoders) currently on the market lack aesthetic appeal and design consistency. The proposed design aims to bring a fresh and clean look into the home – it is characterized by a modern and rectilinear design with softened edges, horizontal divisions and the combination of contrasting materials, which help to create an air of lightness. Contrasting with the minimalistic character of the overall design the vents convey high performance. The design is stackable allowing users to easily display and store all needed equipment for internet access and smart TV in their homes. Finally we systemized the design language within a Design Guide so it can be easily applied to the entire product family in the near future.

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