Focus on technological innovation and on empowering users in understanding the overall domestic connectivity experience, are at the heart of this latest generation home router. It delivers breakthrough innovation in home connectivity technology, yet it is consciously designed to be reassuring and pleasant in its aesthetic language. Its elegant and restrained case hosts six integrated powerful Wi-Fi antennas and an ultra-fast processor able to guarantee 1 GB/s connectivity, a milestone for mass-distributed routers. The product vertical architecture enhances cooling of the electronic components. The frontal inclined glossy surface stands for dynamism and performances while providing best accessibility for user interaction. Asymmetrical layout, contrasting finishing, concave and convex surfaces and the integration between the router body and its base support are key elements of the design. Matte areas are dedicated to user interaction and visual-tactile feedbacks. A subtle luminous feedback strip is associated with three touch-sensitive buttons. The router physical interface is designed to work seamlessly with purposely designed digital interface, accessible via web or mobile.

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