Easy Macro is an antenna integrated with radio system for wireless communication. That integrated antenna and RF unit is a subtraction design to the product volume, weight and assembly. The design brings production time save of 50% than traditional, more than 30% reduction in weight and volume. Due to its small size, it is very convenient for carry, installation and maintenance. Now one site one box, a person can easily complete through one belt. It achieves 50% reduction in the site rent and installation hours. The bottom cable invisible and variety of installation methods allowed greater flexibility in the deployment site. The traditional product image is completely turned over by this creative cylinder style, totally different from the previous feeling of bulky and heavy equipment products. Because a circle has no sense of direction, so that the antenna can rotate freely without affecting the site installation results. Its simplified cylinder style matches well with the surroundings, e.g. on holding pole, lamppost etc. whether set up on the rooftop or by the street, it is merging into the surrounding harmoniously without any obtrusive vision.

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