This product is designed in a ellipse shape with simplified curves, it contains three layers, the top layer is made of rubber which makes the product be looked more qualified; while the side face appears to be mirror surface which is finished by abrasive tools. The frost-mirror transformed finish riches the level sense of product. Each layers reserved 2mm space, to solve the heat dissipation problem by using these space intelligently. The antenna is designed differently by hiding it into the groove at top of the product, which turns out to be very unique. And when the antenna closed in, the top surface formed into a slightly heave curve that makes the product looks more integrated, as well as the canceling of direction light; when the antenna opens, it looks like “little ears” of the product, and people may see the direction light at the same time.
The exquisite design of antenna riches its usability, makes it possible for users to put the product on the desk or hang on the wall.
And the groove designed to protect optical beneath the product decreases the broken risk by twining the optical fiber.

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