Discreetly power the devices you need to connect and protect your home or office with the DPE-301 PoE Injector. It powers your IP cameras and access points by adding PoE capability to devices that normally require an AC adapter. It also helps reduce installation costs and your carbon footprint by eliminating the need for extra cables and extension cords. With the DPE-301, a single cable simultaneously passes data and powers your device. It is wall mountable with brackets on the top and bottom ends so the cables can cover the wall screws. One end is for power and data in and the other is for PoE out, making setup as simple as possible. It’s designed for IP cameras and access points mounted high up or in hard to reach places where a wall outlet may not be available. The DPE-301’s flat, sleek design; curved edges and cream white color make it seamlessly blend in to the decor.

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