The world’s first personal anti-hacking device. Every year, damage from personal information hacking is growing drastically and hacking methods become more diverse. Therefore, concerns over exposing personal information are growing and data leaks have become a social issue. Maintaining constant security is important, so kt developed a new method to always maintain cyber security that is integrated into the ID card already worn by employees. With its lightweight design, the dongle is comfortable to wear around the neck. Development focused on giving it a shape that is easy to grasp and soft to the touch. By simply connecting the Cyber Security Dongle to the PC, users can safely use the internet. A threat alert detects unusual online activity and warns the user. Access to pharming sites is blocked and financial fraud is prevented. Further, users can login to government or banking sites requiring ID authentication with one simple fingerprint scan. Users no longer need to remember separate ID/PW for each website. With this innovative concept, the device satisfies user needs for security and convenience and paves the way towards the future of cyber security

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