CLAA CAT is an indoor LoRaWAN IOT gateway covering a radius of 500 meters. It can be used as LoRa gateway as well as WiFi amplifier to enhance indoor WiFi coverage.

CLAA CAT is targeting at the consumer market. The unique business model enables all users to become IoT network operators and revenue from public service data collection. CLAA CAT will automatically capture the information such as water, electricity and gas meter readings and upload to the cloud. And the owners will share 30% of the revenue.

CLAA CAT is easy to deploy and cost-effective, which makes it suitable for both house-level and community-level LoRa network construction. If there were someone nearby to install CLAA CAT, the neighbors can choose to install LoRa smart terminals directly without deploying gateway.

CLAA CAT’s design is inspired by the the “Lucky Cat”, which is a symbol of felicitous wish of making money in Chinese and Japanese culture. CLAA CAT shape perfectly fits the functional requirements and different installation needs, and can be well integrated with the modern interior style. The original antenna design and semi-hidden vent makes the product more integrated.

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