1. Tenda AC18 is a smart dual-band wireless router. It adopts the new 802.11ac technology and it’s wireless speed is up to 1900Mbps, providing a smooth network experience.
2. Crab element of model inspiration source. In Chinese traditional aesthetic standards, the crab walking sideways with it’s two claws up shows full of arrogance that no one can beat it. So, that is what AC18 does focus on. We develop the figure of crab into AC18 to emphasize it’s strong signal and great coverage.
3. USB 3.0 interface is set on the front panel as USB device may be interfered with the signal from the antennas. This interface location comes from the idea of the mouth of the crab. When a USB flash drive is inserted, it just looks like the crab is swallowing it’s prey with craws.
4. As the high power consumption of chip, heat dissipating is urgent to be solved. To keep the perfect appearance design, we adopt the invisible dissipating hole design on the top panel. So the inside heat can be radiated through the device cover without exposing the inside components.
5. Also, we especially design a “China Red” AC18 and launch the limited editions in China.

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