The X24 monitor incorporates the most advanced and thinnest (7.5mm) IPS 23.8” display panel available within an exceptionally thin, light and elegant form. It is designed for use in high visibility, high style environments. To achieve this radically thin profile, the display component’s rear metal shell is pre-coated with a high quality, dark metallic finish and left exposed. This innovation reduces weight and thickness. The active viewing area nearly meets the edges with a border of just 6mm. A slim tapered rear form encloses the internal components, buttons, and cable exits. This display floats above the desk suspended on a minimalist, elegant stand consisting of a tapered disk base and a chromed vertical stem which arcs delicately upwards to support a cylindrical hinge. A simple cable clip provides a vibrant red accent. Together, all the elements are distilled to their purest form, in perfect balance.

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