The LT2934z Panoramic 29 inch monitor’s design showcases the extraordinarily wide high-definition display with a remarkable near-edgeless 2mm frame. All other design elements convey their purpose while enhancing the striking proportion of the wide display. The sleek silhouette is further enabled by a rear surface which arcs gently to cleverly conceal internal components. Audio and video central location provides integrated front-facing speakers and adjustable web camera. After adjusting the display height and angle, a user can aim the camera lens at the perfect angle, or rotate it fully down into privacy mode. A dark metallic band encircles the vivid screen, while a slim border below contains touch controls for direct VOIP control and display settings. This eye-catching display is supported on an elegant base consisting of cylindrical column on which a hinged beam arcs smoothly through a 110mm height range, and is accented with a red cable management loop. Hidden bearings provide swivel and 30 degrees of tilt adjustment to accommodate user needs and preferences. LT2934z is built for enhanced productivity with advanced software allowing users to display two PCs in one screen.

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