Place & Play is a brand new line of electronic paper displays with a cloud-based content and management service form Visionect, the world’s premier designer and developer of B2B electronic paper solutions.

Place & Play displays are deployed without any wires or cable-laying installation. They are 99% more power efficient than comparable LCD displays, allowing the devices to run on batteries for up to 12 months. The proprietary board and battery went through a decade of optimization allowing Place & Play devices to use as little energy as it takes to make one cup of coffee in a year, saving thousands in energy bills.

The sturdy casing is made of anodized brushed aluminum and precisely milled from a single block of aerospace grade alloy that is scratch and corrosion-resistant. The glass surface has a low-iron non-crystalline amorphous structure, allowing any image to be incredibly clear and high-contrast, while being vandal-resistant.

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