Multi-function LED display is an integration of video display, light show and 3D rotation, it suitable for stage, exhibition, and many other professional occasions. It consists of three parts: LED display module – video display; LED stage spotlight – light show; and rotating base – light and shadow interaction. Modular structural design makes it possible to be combined or be used individually to achieve multiple functions, reduces equipment investment and saves a lot of resources.

Following the principle of body mechanics, LED display panel adopts “X” structural design with magnesium alloy frame, ensure the strength and reduce the weight, a single person can install and disassemble it easily; LED display module adopts magnetic connection, which makes it can be replaced and maintained in the front or rear of the screen, it’s simple and convenient. The quick locking device enables the LED display panel to be connected on the rotating base, and also it can be disassembled for a large LED display screen.

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