The new Dell Ultrathin Consumer Monitor design for 24 and 27-inch screen sizes, exemplifies true slimness of form-factor with a continuous back cover surface, unlike any of the competitors. The new design features super-thin bezel edges around the sides of the high-resolution screen (QHD) at just 5.5 mm wide. The back connectivity ports are intentionally designed to be back-facing in vertical column, visually hiding all of the connection ports behind the stand. The top of the monitor conceals and provides the venting design through the vertical slots, which allows the warm air to flow through, even with such a thin profile enclosure.

The stand features a unique riser curvature that creates a visually floating, light-weight effect for the monitor head through the use of a bending gesture that connects the monitor to the stand base. The hinge feature is integrated elegantly with the riser at the top.

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