The new Dell Medical Review 24 Monitor is the company’s first medical-grade monitor; purpose-built for the common needs of the healthcare environment. The Monitor features an anti-reflective, edge-to-edge, covered glass on the front, and a smooth, fully sealed enclosure design that is IP-32 rated. A light-colored exterior makes fluid stains and contaminants easy to detect. In addition, the monitor can withstand cleaning agents of up to 75 percent concentrated ethyl alcohol solution, making it easy to clean and consistent with infection reduction initiatives. It has also been designed to meet the IEC 60601-1 standard for medical design and safety requirements and includes an active screw-on cable clip to secure cables within the housing as well as mechanical pop-up Power and OSD buttons on the side of the monitor, designed to be easy to find with medical gloves on. The stand allows the medical staff to switch between portrait and landscape orientation to view images and records. Adjust height, tilt, pivot, or swivel the monitor up to 60° left and right for easy screen sharing with patients.

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