The XL30 is a high-performance gaming monitor tailor to suit the needs for gamers. Co-developed with users, the monitor includes smart feature like “automode” which offers optimal brightness and color tint according to different games automatically. The unique “mode to go” function enable users to store their favorite settings on the cloud or USB for quick adaptation in any competitive games. In addition “smart scaling” feature allows gamers to customize their screen size and simulate any game play and practice under different display sizes. A distinct remote controller S -switch is designed to cope with these exclusive features. The rounded design outline present better grip, it comes with three preset button and a scroll for quick OSD navigation and setting. In consideration to the habits of gamers, the base of the monitor is designed to allow more spacious desktop. Futhermore hanger at the side of the monitor represent easy storage and access for headphone. While scales marked at the back and bottom of XL30 echoes to the needs for gamers to memorize their height preference on the go or adjust in game tournament.

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