Predator Z301CT is the first 21:9 Monitor which suppot Eye tracking technology, letting you control your camera by eyes in game instead of the keyboard and mouse.With eye tracking, it release your intuition, giving you the ultimate and true to life immersive experience, duplicate the sense organs from real world. Aim, target and even cover at gaze by your eyes, letting the world follow and  synchronize with your eyes.

Dominate all you survey
Predator Z301CT support eye tracking technology, by tracking your eyes, gamer are able to target, shoot and kill the enemy by it’s gaze. The graphics & sounds all response to the place you looking at, making the game play more immersive then you ever had.

Industry Awarded
The Acer Predator Z301CT is the world’s first 21:9 curved monitor with eye-tracking functionality for the ultimate in immersion – this product received the coveted CES 2017 “Best of Innovations” award in

Key Selling point:

-1800R Curved with ultra-wide Full HD screen
-Stutter-Free Visuals with NVIDIA G-SYNC
-Gaze Across Battlefields. Target! Aim! Take Cover!
-Rapid 200Hz* Refresh Rate & 4ms response time
-100%sRGB color gamut with epic visual

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