Game at unimaginable speeds. Lightning-fueled refresh rates let you unleash your maximum potential.

Game at unimaginable speeds. Lightning-fueled 240Hz refresh rates & 1ms response time let you unleash your maximum potential, while NVIDIA G-SYNC & ULMB supportive providing the smoothest gaming experience.

Certificate by professional
Predator XB2 series is also been certificated by professional E-Sport event “intel IEM master” as IEM tournament ready monitor.
Made to achieve greatness, the Predator XB2 series was built from the ground up for fast-paced, tournament-grade intensity. Every aspect, technology and function of this monitor was developed with the core values of professional gaming in mind during its production. The result speaks for itself. Go and conquer new worlds with Predator Monitors.

Key selling point:

-27” Full HD (1920×1080) ZeroFrame gaming monitor
-Lightning Fast 240Hz Refresh & 1ms Response Time
-NVIDIA ULMB decrease motion blur and minimizes ghosting effect
-Custom game profiles with Predator GameView
-Dark boost allows seeing more detail in the dark scene

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