Wacom’s STU-530 is a Signature Pad which supports digital business workflows that need to capture handwritten signatures to authorize or confirm business processes. Thus, it is the ideal pad for use at the PoS in banks or retail. Its product design follows four principles: modern, ergonomic robust, and reliable. The STU-530 features an improved, thin design and a low-profile, flat surface. The colour design in matted anthracite makes it elegant and discreet at the same time. The light, slim pen removes physical restrictions and enhances the natural writing experience, because it needs no cable or batteries. This creates a writing feeling that is as close to analogue pen and paper as possible. The high-quality, 5’’ high resolution color LCD screen stands out visibly and secures excellent visibility. A hardened glass surface completes the high-quality look of the pad; at the same time it protects the LCD screen and is highly resistant to scratches, making the STU-530 the ideal Signature Pad for every day use.

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