The VOLOS laser gaming mouse is specially designed for MOBA/MMORPG games, to give players the perfect control in their hand for instant access to their abilities and spells. The VOLOS comes with an Avago laser sensor with up to 8200 DPI, Omron switches with life expectancy of up to 5 million clicks and a total of 14 configurable buttons as macro keys. Tt eSPORTS surveyed the market and found that most MOBA/MMORPG gaming mice put all the macros in one area of the mouse – but this makes it hard for the user to discern which button they are pressing. Pressing the wrong button in the heat of battle, could be the mistake to turn the whole game. Thus Tt eSPORTS designed their own solution, splitting the buttons into different areas of the mouse. The VOLOS gaming mouse also features 4 different zones of lighting, that are separately configurable to display up to 16.8 million colors. 14 total programmable buttons and 10 storable profiles provide gamers a total of 140 programmable macros. The VOLOS features a special balanced weighted body, that makes sure it’s never top heavy or bottom heavy with all or none of the configurable mouse weights in use.

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