Tablets have become pervasive in our society, with diverse applications based on the needs of different users. Confident, ambitious individuals who demand productivity and media on the move need performance and seek refined, elegant products that reflect their character and the quality of the iPad.

The Ultrathin Keyboard for iPad Air augments the tablet experience with effortless functionality and an aesthetic that appeals to expressive individuals. A slim keyboard is encapsulated in a lightweight aluminium case that protects the iPad display. The 6.5mm thin cover connects effortlessly through a concealed magnetic hinge that magically opens as an iPad approaches and recedes when inactive. The keyboard has a carefully considered relationship of key size, pitch and travel distance that provides excellent typing performance without compromising thinness or lightness. A strong, yet light, adjustable zinc slot cradles the iPad; empowering users by allowing smooth adjustments to the viewing angle for unique moments and interactions.

The Ultrathin Keyboard for iPad Air is a refined, elegant tablet companion for proactive individuals who place an importance on how they express themselve

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