T9plus single hand mechanical keyboard is a special professional gaming keyboard designed for computer game players: According to a survey, most of computer game players would like to use a full size of 104 keys or 87 keys keyboard as outside connections. However, the problems are the utilization area of the desktop is greatly reduced; the distance between users and laptops is increased. Besides, duplication of functionality of full size keyboard results in unnecessary waste. T9plus has the following advantages:1. Selects 29 highest frequently used buttons, design and arrange the layout of keyboard according to most players operation habit, then players could engage more proactively.2. Unique and simple shape of T9plus, maximize the free desktop space, saving cost and reducing the waste of resources. 3. T9plus single manipulator keyboard uses “cherry “keyclick , each button is controlled by a separate switch, paragraph sense of keys is strong enough to produce suitable special touch and enhance the game experience for game players. Each buttons have 50 million times life. 4. T9plus has RGB character backlight, 10 light modes. All keys can be defined and macro definition.

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