With the collaboration of occupational therapists and writing experts, STABILO has created an unique learning environment consisting of a pen and an app. The SMARTjunior and the Monster Zoo educational app combine both fun and learning elements in an innovative manner. The STABILO SMARTjunior is a stylus pen with an ergonomic shape for preschool children. The special grip zone allows your child to hold the pen comfortably in a relaxed manner and is therefore ideal for a smooth operation with SAMSUNG GALAXY Note 10.1 tablet PCs. The Monster Zoo app has been programmed to only recognise the tip of the SMARTjunior – not a hand or a finger. This means that your child’s hand can rest on the display. The best grip on the pen and the correct angle for learning to write are promoted without interfering with the game. The Monster Zoo is an educational game app for children from 4 years of age which aims to lay the foundation for learning how to write with its revolutionary learning concept. Varied tasks teach your child the various basic shapes used in writing, such as loops, arcs or up- and downward lines, and systematically promote motor skills.

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