The Rockstick 2 mouse is the first ergonomic ambidextrous mouse without finger-clicking on the earth. It’s designed to reduce wrist pronation, excessive finger clicking, long time finger hovering, and work load for both hands. It’s born to relieve Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The ergonomic benefits includes:
1. Reduces work load for both hands: The ambidextrous design allows users to operate by either the right or left hand.
2. Reduces Pain and Strain on Fingers due to Clicking: The unique design allows users to click by utilizing the strength of the entire hand instead of fingers alone. The repetitive strain on fingers eventually leads to inflammation and swelling of the finger flexor tendons. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome occurs when swollen finger flexor tendons compress the median nerve, which runs from the arm to the hand through a space in the wrist called the carpal tunnel found under the transverse carpal ligament.
3. Eliminates Finger Hovering and Lifting: Fingers remain relaxed and supported without preparation to click any times.
4. Reduces Wrist and forearm Pronation
The interchangeb grip includes options of Ergo-Grip and Precision Grip for utmost presision in fingertip control.

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