The Poseidon Z Forged comes with both Tt certified blue & brown switches with full 114 key layout with blue & red lighting, features 10 additional macro keys for gaming efficiency, along with 5 profiles for a total 50 programmable macro on its normal mode plus another 5 extra profiles for game mode for a total of 100 programmable macro, this gives a spectacular total of 150 programmable macro for both normal and game mode.
Tt Certified switches testing process for these mechanical switches was an arduous one, but these switches passed, result in a lifespan of up to 50 million key strokes. Furthermore, the all-new Poseidon Z Forged is also designed to be used seamlessly with a built-in dual USB port bub and USB sound-card with headphone and microphone jack.
The Poseidon Z Forged also features 5 different adjustable brightness levels and with an additional pause-break lighting effect. In addition, 5 different pro-configured lighting zone combinations have also been designed for gamers’ usefulness. Detachable USB cable also has been designed for easy storage and travel.

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