The World’s First Invisible Touchpad Keyboard. Thin and safe laser sensor (Infrared (IR)) generates a  large optical touch-pad at the exact moment you want to use it. Experience new dimensions of convenience by using a keyboard as a large invisible touchpad! No more carrying around Keyboard/mouse/touchpad separately! Type with the keyboard presenting touch sensibility and control the mouse at that point. You don’t have to move your hands further to hold the mouse.  You can select and execute the objects by slightly tapping the surface of the keyboard. The left click button and the right click button immediately below the keyboard will enrich experience of touch pad user much more.  Pinch out or pinch in with two fingers to zoom in or out the object. Scroll is also available.  Moky uses pantograph keyboard, which allows you the best typing experience and fast response.  Bluetooth connection with 3 devices and USB connection with 1 device and you can switch which device you will use. 

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