The environmentally friendly Logitech K750 solar keyboard stands out with its streamlined design. State-of-the-art solar technology means that it can dispense with batteries and wires. The solar-powered keyboard can be used anywhere you have light – even artificial light. The sophisticated concept of the developers was rewarded with a Red Dot in 2012.

Energy efficiency through solar technology

Renewable energy is put to full use in the manufacture of the solar-powered keyboard from Logitech. The challenge for the developers was to develop an energy-saving keyboard without compromising on functionality. State-of-the-art solar technology made it possible!

The PVD-free construction and the fully recyclable box are innovative steps in the direction of environmental protection in the field of computer accessories production. The solar-powered wireless Logitech K750 keyboard from Logitech means you are not tied to a battery or external power supply, giving you a large degree of freedom. Because no batteries are needed, it was possible to create a sleek and attractive design. At just 0.8 cm thick, the keyboard is thinner than a traditional iPad.

Wireless keyboard Logitech K750 – ready for immediate use

It only takes a few seconds to set up the wireless keyboard: Simply attach the wireless receiver included in the delivery scope to the USB port of the computer or notebook. You don’t need any software; the keyboard is ready for immediate use. A compatible wireless mouse or number pad can simply be added as required.

Product features

  • Light-powered wireless keyboard
  • Only 0.8 cm thick
  • Compatible with: Windows® XP, Windows Vista® , Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Logitech Unifying receiver
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